Day 29 – Beverly by Hannah

I’ve only recently discovered Star Trek. I watched Voyager over the course of a month at the end of 2017 and then repeated that with TNG this past November. Before that, I’d never seen it and I regret that a little. My art is all self-taught, but I’m always learning and referencing and hoping to […]

Day 23 – Dr Phlox by Morag Marton

Hi Lee, I’m Morag – the one who keeps requesting Dr Phlox commissions from you! I returned to drawing in March 2018 after a 20 year absence. I’ve always had a love-hate relationship with drawing; my inner perfectionist conspires against me! But my absolute love of Star Trek motivates me to keep trying and ensures […]

Day 21 – Broccoli by Julianne Popoff

I’m a 27 year old artist from Canada, I love to paint and draw daily. I\’m a space enthusiast in general and have a range of hobbies I’m always ready to talk about. I’m all about fostering an enthusiastic and supportive community, especially within the realm of fan art. Tumblr – rainydaydraws.tumblr.comTwitter – – […]