Day 39 – Hugh by David Beyer

I love Star Trek The Next Generation but fully realize and accept I would’ve never gotten to it if I didn’t get into the very Star Wars-y parts of Star Trek V.‬ ‪It wasn’t tv, it was HBO.‬ David Website – – @davidbeyerjrInstagram – @davidbeyerjr

Day 38 – Star Trek Journal by Stephanie Paxton

I am a self-taught bookbinder and mixed media artist in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. Living in northern Canada has made for some serious accessibility issues when it comes to my fandoms, but I never give up on what I love, and my work reflects that! Website – – – @thebrattybookbinder

Day 37 – Michael Burnham by Tiirabird

I’m a Finnish multimedia production professional who spends her free time cosplaying, writing and above all, drawing. Most of my art is about Star Trek, and I’ve been a fan since the AOS movies in 2009. I enjoy TOS, VOY and DSC the most, so far. I’m sharing my first proper fan art of Michael […]

Day 34 – Doomed by Colin Chick

Colin wrote a number of self deprecating comments regarding his drawing but since I know Colin personally and the values and aim of the Star Trek 365 project is not to undermine or devalue (especially one’s own creative act) I shall “neglect” to publish them. Lee Twitter: @ColinJChick

Day 33 – Captain Killy by Alex S.

Hi! I’m a paralegal and law student hopeful in the United States. Star Trek is what powered me through high school and college — I squeezed Star Trek into an innumerable amount of essays and projects and I still find ways to sneak it into my work. It was my love for episodes like Measure […]