Day 355 – Sorry

Oh wow it was so hot in Brisbane today that I just couldn’t get this done during the day. So here I am with ten minutes to go with only ten more scribbles to go! Wow. I shouldn’t keep typing LOL I’ll just write more tomorrow and get this posted!!!

Into the Delphic Expanse

I was really happy with the Sabotage piece I did a while back and I thought in our last month of this year’s Star Trek 365 it would be nice to feature some of the starships in a bit of a set. And besides I still have a couple large sharpies to empty out. I […]

Day 319 – D is for Dilithium Mining – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

This is the gulag Rura Penthe. There is no stockade. No guard tower. No electronic frontier. Only a magnetic shield prevents beaming. “Punishment” means exile from prison to the surface. On the surface, nothing can survive. Work well, and you will be treated well. Work badly, and you will die. For a place where no […]

Day 318 – C is for Coffee – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

Coffee: the finest organic suspension ever devised. So this went through several phases. Phase 1 – Just JanewayPhase 2 – Janeway and Kirk, just to mess with people.Phase 3 – Janeway, Kirk and Sisko, because he drinks coffee too so why not.Phase 4 – Archer gets added to the line up because I’m already in […]

Day 244 – Captain Erika Hernandez – Women of Star Trek Sketch Card series

Captain of the NX-02 Colombia, I included Hernandez because she is a featured Captain plus Enterprise didn’t really have that many lead women in the show so I wanted to highlight that there were female Captains early on in Starfleet’s history. It’s a shame Enterprise didn’t keep going because it would have been cool to […]