Day 3 – USS Tardigrade by Matthew C

I’m a teacher and biologist who’s grown up with Trek and taken part in the Star Trek Online community. I’ve also had a life long love of doodling, concentrating in sci-fi. It\’s through my interactions with the STO community that I started to share my stuff and draw along a particular line. Ie. Tardigrades. Matthew […]

Day 351 – Calypso

I think this one is more a concept piece, if it wasn’t a commission piece I’d probably just leave it here but I’ll be doing a more traditional go at the scent sometime soon. But I think this still works. Just a little more experimental than I normally would do for a commission but I […]

Black Alert

I may not entirely love it but the spore drive is a cool effect. So when I was thinking about how best to capture each of the ships of the line in these big space events I thought Discovery’s jump drive would fit the bill!

Day 324 – I is for Infinite Diversity Infinite Combinations – The ABCs of Trek Scribbles

I was going to keep this series nice and simple but then I had a thought about how to include infinite combinations and I did the Sarek series earlier in the year and realised that I wanted to capture multiple Spock’s. It’s a bunch of Spock’s, please don’t bother telling me your favourite isn’t there.  […]