Day 177 – Admiral Rollman

Day 177 - Admiral Rollman

This one was a special request and not available for purchase.  It’s awesome that Leonard Nimoy’s wife got to cameo on Deep Space Nine as a Rar Admiral no less! Remember if you dig my stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing semi-daily journal entries which include sneak peeks, behind the scenes and first looks then head over […]

Day 159 – Quark saying goodbye to his brother

Day 159 - Quark saying goodbye to his brother

Except he totally wasn’t. Damnit Quark, Jadzia nearly died you little scoundrel!! I forgot how much I enjoy this episode, it’s actually a clever “station in a bottle” episode that’s really effective and well plotted out.  I’m not a violent man but I did enjoy seeing Sisko go toe to toe with a Klingon 🙂 […]

Day 156 – a simple tailor

Day 156 - a simple tailor

I just realised that that is a terrible scan!  I’m running late tonight so I can’t fix it. I’ve done this one before but I definitely expanded upon it this time round (I think last time he was hand sewing) so I got to design a Cardassian sewing machine. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are […]

Day 137 – Homecoming

I’m so impressed with season two of Deep Space Nine – the show found its feet really quickly, I’d argue even before the end of season one the show had stabilised and the characters knew who they were.  There are some wonderful character moments in this three parterbut I really REALLY enjoy Kira asking for […]