Day 207 – I’m NOT Picard.

Day 207 - I'm NOT Picard.

Q has never really been my favourite character in Star Trek, I think because he’s tied up in comic relief which I don’t always need.  So having Sisko smack him one just to make a point was a truly wonderful Deep Space Nine moment for me. This took forever to get right, I went through […]

Day 177 – Admiral Rollman

Day 177 - Admiral Rollman

This one was a special request and not available for purchase.  It’s awesome that Leonard Nimoy’s wife got to cameo on Deep Space Nine as a Rar Admiral no less! Remember if you dig my stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing semi-daily journal entries which include sneak peeks, behind the scenes and first looks then head over […]

Day 159 – Quark saying goodbye to his brother

Day 159 - Quark saying goodbye to his brother

Except he totally wasn’t. Damnit Quark, Jadzia nearly died you little scoundrel!! I forgot how much I enjoy this episode, it’s actually a clever “station in a bottle” episode that’s really effective and well plotted out.  I’m not a violent man but I did enjoy seeing Sisko go toe to toe with a Klingon 🙂 […]

Day 156 – a simple tailor

Day 156 - a simple tailor

I just realised that that is a terrible scan!  I’m running late tonight so I can’t fix it. I’ve done this one before but I definitely expanded upon it this time round (I think last time he was hand sewing) so I got to design a Cardassian sewing machine. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are […]