Day 4 – Mister Spock by Myra Duley

I’ve tried all mediums but my favorites are pencils and oils. I enjoy drawing portraits especially Star Trek characters. I think I’ve drawn Spock more than any other character. Myra Duley The diversity in illustrations submitted is so exciting! Check out Myra’s twitter feed for more art! @art_mduley78

Day 3 – USS Tardigrade by Matthew C

I’m a teacher and biologist who’s grown up with Trek and taken part in the Star Trek Online community. I’ve also had a life long love of doodling, concentrating in sci-fi. It\’s through my interactions with the STO community that I started to share my stuff and draw along a particular line. Ie. Tardigrades. Matthew […]

Day 2 – Star Trek II The Wrath of Khan by Scott Saslow

I’m a freelance graphic designer based in Los Angeles. My specialities include alternative posters, theatrical key art, home video packaging, and assorted pop culture geekery. I’ve also worked as a movie studio file clerk, office temp, background actor, retail worker, and NASA test subject (yes, really!). After leaving my first post-graduation design job in late […]

Now it’s your turn!

So I’ve just finished a whole year of daily Star Trek scribbles and like you I’m a little worried about not having a daily dose of Star Trek fan art to celebrate this amazing franchise every day. Now anyone who knows me, knows that I’m a huge advocate for “creating”. Almost anyone can pick up […]