Day 345 – This is up. Up is no.

I’ve decided that since a lot of the commission pieces that I’m working on are Star Trek related anyway that I’m going to start including some of them in the Star Trek 365 project.   I feel weird putting down commissions to work on the ST365 instead and frankly I can live without anymore angst in […]

Day 344 – The Galactic Barrier

I really wanted to capture what it might have looked like within the galactic barrier during Where No Man Has Gone Before.  It was this giant purple energy cloud and then there were these giant flashes of yellow and orange. It’s a little bit of a departure from the space pics but I’ve tried to […]

Black Alert

I may not entirely love it but the spore drive is a cool effect. So when I was thinking about how best to capture each of the ships of the line in these big space events I thought Discovery’s jump drive would fit the bill!

Into the Delphic Expanse

I was really happy with the Sabotage piece I did a while back and I thought in our last month of this year’s Star Trek 365 it would be nice to feature some of the starships in a bit of a set. And besides I still have a couple large sharpies to empty out. I […]