Day 260 – Omnipotent Coffee

I forgot that they’d been together in a book, and then I thought I’d read it but now I’m convinced that I haven’t read it. Don’t age kids, it’s terrible lol. I did have thoughts of adding young Charlie Evans in having a babychino but then I can’t imagine him being invited out for coffee […]

Day 256 – Captain Janeway

I did what I knew was right.It feels weird drawing more women of Star Trek after having finished the set only a week and a bit ago!  I think this is all of my outstanding sketch card commissions – I’ve got a bunch though still to do for my Patreon backers and some standalone material.

Day 255 – The Borg Queen

You wish to ensure the well-being of your Collective. I can appreciate that.Whilst I personally believed introducing the Borg Queen weakened the concept of the Borg I have to admit that she is one hell of a character. She is a lot of fun to draw actually. This is part of a trio of sketch […]

Day 253 – Gowron, son of M’Rel

Number one thing when drawing Gowron, the eyes are EVERYTHING. The third of my commissioned Klingon trio. I didn’t sign any of these because I didn’t want to add anything extra to them but something I noticed later is that you can make out my thumbprint in his hair which is the ultimate signature!