Day 208 – Choose Your Pain

Day 208 - Choose Your Pain

It’s interesting that the very first episode of TNG deals with a lifeform being enslaved and tortured by a group of humanoids looking to benefit from a creature’s misery and pain. A theme then repeated on Discovery, except Starfleet were those horrible humanoids. And whilst I feel most of this storyline got lost in the […]

Day 207 – I’m NOT Picard.

Day 207 - I'm NOT Picard.

Q has never really been my favourite character in Star Trek, I think because he’s tied up in comic relief which I don’t always need.  So having Sisko smack him one just to make a point was a truly wonderful Deep Space Nine moment for me. This took forever to get right, I went through […]

Day 206 – Ensign Ro

Day 206 - Ensign Ro

I’m not sure if anyone ever beamed on to the Enterprise and dropped so much attitude in such a short time than Ro Laren.  Everything is there right in the first seconds she appears.  She was an awesome character. Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available to purchase and are posted at 8:00 am Brisbane QLD Australia time. […]

Day 203 – Starfleet Academy

Day 203 - Starfleet Academy

LOL don’t panic I’m not doing more Starfleet Academy pieces for the time being.  This is an illustration I did the other day for a side project I’m playing around with involving Starfleet Academy and writing a kind of online Choose Your Own Adventure style interactive story. The truth is I wasn’t going to feature […]