Day 167 – Captains in the kitchen

Day 167 - Captains in the kitchen

This was suggested over on Twitter (see I do occasionally follow through on a suggestion!!!) @leesargent Hi Lee. Got a suggestion for if you haven’t covered it before. The two captains together in the nexus in Generations. Either cooking breakfast together and/or talking together on horseback. — Geoffrey McCarthy (@Geoffers1978) June 12, 2018 I always […]

Day 127 – Return to Tomorrow

Day 127 - Return to Tomorrow

This is another really classic episode that deals with alien minds using the crew’s bodies for their own purposes and an opportunity for Shatner and Nimoy to play other characters.  Nimoy especially captures his alien counterpart really well in how he carries himself – they are clearly different. This is also the first appearance of […]

Day 81 – Fire.

Day 81 - Fire. - star trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

It’s William Shatner’s birthday today (remember we’re ahead in Australia so it may be the 21st still where you are) and to celebrate I wanted to draw my second favourite Kirk scene.  My favourite is of course when he confronts God in Star Trek V but I’ve drawn that a couple of times now. It’s […]