Day 166 – my next tattoo

Day 166 - my next tattoo

To finish off this “ship” themed week I thought it nice to finish on one that is special to me. A while back I made the announcement that when I hit the 100 patrons on Patreon mark I will go out and get myself a Star Trek tattoo.  The intent was always going to be […]

Day 155 – Live Long and PawsPurr

Spock and Isis

This is the last drawing I did before heading off to Sydney last week so tonight I should be sitting down after the break.  It’s the longest break from drawing I’ve had all year! This one is definitely going to be turned into a t-shirt! Original Star Trek 365 illustrations are available on Etsy and are […]

Day 127 – Return to Tomorrow

Day 127 - Return to Tomorrow

This is another really classic episode that deals with alien minds using the crew’s bodies for their own purposes and an opportunity for Shatner and Nimoy to play other characters.  Nimoy especially captures his alien counterpart really well in how he carries himself – they are clearly different. This is also the first appearance of […]