Day 52 – Bajoran village

Day 52 - Bajoran village - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent

The Bajoran village that faced the Dal’Rok kept coming up when I was researching Bajoran architecture for my Bajor illustration last year.  So I knew I wanted to draw it at some point and I had a notion to try out some things with this illustration, namely the silhouette frame and some jungle stuff. It […]

Day 21 – Cardassia

Day 21 - Cardassia - Star Trek 365 by Lee Sargent 2018

Cardassia and all things Cardassian have always troubled me from a colour palette point of view because it really depends on the light as to what colour they are.  I always assumed they were grey but then in some episodes they’re more a shade of brown grey.  The same with this, I’ve gone with more […]