Day 173 – Fury

Day 173 - Fury

I have a soft spot for Kes so to have her return in Season Six was kinda of awesome, to have her pissed off and storming through the ship blowing up conduits looked amazing!!! I think it’s a shame we didn’t get her full story, I think it would have been amazing to actually have […]

Representation in the Star Trek 365

So I awoke to a message on Twitter this morning that gave me pause to think about some things and I sense a little stirring in this awesome community that we’ve built together that I’d like to put in pin in before anyone is misunderstood or feels excluded.  Even with Twitter’s longer character limits I […]

Day 167 – Captains in the kitchen

Day 167 - Captains in the kitchen

This was suggested over on Twitter (see I do occasionally follow through on a suggestion!!!) @leesargent Hi Lee. Got a suggestion for if you haven’t covered it before. The two captains together in the nexus in Generations. Either cooking breakfast together and/or talking together on horseback. — Geoffrey McCarthy (@Geoffers1978) June 12, 2018 I always […]

Day 166 – my next tattoo

Day 166 - my next tattoo

To finish off this “ship” themed week I thought it nice to finish on one that is special to me. A while back I made the announcement that when I hit the 100 patrons on Patreon mark I will go out and get myself a Star Trek tattoo.  The intent was always going to be […]