Day 139 – It’s Sabotage

Day 139 - It's Sabotage

On paper it sounds stupid as hell but on the big screen with exactly the right timing and earnest delivery the scene involving the disruptive noise is very satisfying.I have a soft spot for the USS Franklin, I bought the christmasornament and it’s the only one I still own (I had a HUGE collection of […]

Day 137 – Homecoming

I’m so impressed with season two of Deep Space Nine – the show found its feet really quickly, I’d argue even before the end of season one the show had stabilised and the characters knew who they were.  There are some wonderful character moments in this three parterbut I really REALLY enjoy Kira asking for […]

Day 135 – Seven of Nine (Disney Style)

Day 135 - Seven of Nine (Disney Style)

Was probably never even a question when I started drawing these that I would eventually get around to Seven.  She’s definitely one of my favourite female characters to draw. Remember if you dig my stuff and wouldn’t mind seeing semi-daily journal entries which include sneak peeks, behind the scenes and first looks then head over […]

Day 132 – Jaylah (Disney Style)

Day 132 - Jaylah (Disney Style)

So essentially Star Trek Beyond is simply a Disney Princess story around Jaylah. I think she’s such a wonderful new character and I hope she’s back in future installments. As I mentioned over on Patreon these are an interesting palette cleanser, and I’m learning a little about head structure.  But i think even though this […]